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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mums Memories Design Team Competition

As you all know, Mums Memories Scrapbooking will be launching their new online store in July 2006, and part of an online store is the very important Design Team.

Our full time member is the talented Lisa Harman, however we are looking for other scrappers to share this position with her.

I would like this site to be about the members and for this reason I would like each person to feel as though they can have a try at being on the design team. So we will be running a competition for 2 places on the design team, each place will be for the duration of 3 months.

If you would like to be on the Mums Memories Design Team along side Lisa, then all you need to do is submit a LO into the 'Design Team Competition' album in the gallery for judging.

Design Team Competition - July 2006 ALBUM: DT Album

- You MAY submit more then one entry

- Judging will be made by Lisa and myself, and all decisions are final.

- All submissions must be original works, please no scraplifting for this competion.

- Competition is open to forum members only. New members are welcome to join.

- Competition closes 8pm WST Monday 31st July 2006.

You can read all the information regarding Design Team Information and what is required

Saturday, July 01, 2006

What an up and down week the past week has been which is the reason for the music today LOL. Today I am feeling a mountain of different emotions and I am feeling very sentimental and reflective. Firstly will go into the more mundane aspects of my week...

With Rob leaving on Sunday after a lovely family week, I had the usual feeling of sadness and loneliness that I always feel. I also have a mountain of housework and business jobs that need to be completed. I really hadn't had much of a chance to catch up when I fell sick and spent most of Wednesday on the lounge resting. Today it is now Saturday and I have only just caught up around the house.

My graphics are installed and my servers have been changed over for my new host, so that has been exciting. I just need to now find time to start work on the website. I have decided that it can all wait for Monday after the past week. Gallery has been a major struggle, having to work out how to move that over between the old host and the new, only to find out that my new site really isn't compatible. Grrr annoying but something that I will find a solution to, it will just take me some time for find work through different solutions.

Then we have the tragic news last week of a school girl being murdered by 2 friends and then the terrible murder of an 8 year old here in Perth in a shopping centre. sorry to sound negative, I am just really sorting through the differing emotions and energies I have experienced this week to see where I am at....

Finally we have experience our own sad occurance within our family this week with a marriage break up within our immediate family. Marriage breakdown is very hard to deal with at the best of times, but to watch a sibling going though something like this and especially when there are children involved. It has been a very hard week for everyone and it really is just the beginning of some extrememly difficult time.

And so the reason for my morbid song today...

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Having a lovely break

We have been having the most relaxing time this week with Rob being home. Sunday we all went out to breakfast before going to the cinema's and watching Cars. Very funny movie and one the whole family will enjoy. Also walked around the Mandurah Marina markets and did a spot of site seeing. Sunday afternoon we went through our display home around the corner and dreamed about our new house, even though it will be 12 months before it will be finished. Home made pizza's, a dvd and a few quiet Kalua's finished off the perfect Sunday.

Yesterday it rained all day so we headed off to the video shop and put the heater on, got out the doona and snuggled on the lounge all afternoon. Today we have had another lazy one, went to the dome for coffee and then to the cinemas to watch X-men. Really wanted to watch the di-vinci code but the times didn't fit in with school. After school I had to go to the school to have a meeting with Jade's teacher, nothing overly concerning, just a few minor problems probably stemming from Rob working away. Always nice to touch base though and feel reasured that she is doing ok. Jade is at a school disco at the moment and Rob is at an appointment so I have half an hour to myslef to catch up on my blog.

So as you can see I am really having a quiet time, but I need to recharge the batteries before Rob goes back to work next week and I am back to being on my lonesome.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Rob is home today!

After 5 weeks of working away my husband Rob is home tonight. I hear people tell me that with time I will get used to him being away but I really don't want to get used to it. I hate it and I think I was kidding myself when I told myself it would be easy. So for the next week at least all of my plans for the new business will be put on hold and I am going to spend quality time with the DH.

Rob is also going to put his feelers out and look for more local work. At the moment we are all coping 'ok' with him being away, and I know if need be we will get through this period in our life, but the reality remains that given the choice, I just don't want to. So fingers crossed for me that he manages to get something else while he is home.

So today is just a quiet day of beauty routines to look my best, and fisnish off on some paperwork and housework. We leave here at 4.30 to pick him up and won't get home again until after 8 tonight. Whoo Hoo.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Online store

Mums Memories has been an Ebay store since September 2005 and recently I added the forum and tempprary website to my business. After looking around looking for website solutions for a more permanent website I have made the decision to create my online store sooner rather then later. The timing seems right and I am really excited about the new venture.

So I have organised my new hosting plan and shopping cart program, the new graphics are ordered and it is looking good for an opening at the beginning of July.

Lisa Harman has accepted the position of our full time Design Team member, and those of you that know Lisa, I am sure will agree that she will have some very exciting work to share with us. To keep things fresh and interesting I am going to be running a competition for 2 more places on the design team, and each winner will have the chance to be on the design team for a period of 3 months. I think that this will give members of our message board an opportunity to all have a hand at being on the design team, and most of all I think it will be fun.

Anyone who is interested can check out the link above.

Monday, June 12, 2006

I have been tagged

Just cruising by Chelle's blog, minding my own business.....and got tagged LOL.

Finish the sentence

1/ for my next birthday I would like……….. a scrapping retreat.

2/ my favourite book is…. Anything by patricia Cornwell

3/ my friends would describe me as…. loyal, trustworthy and HORMONAL

4/ my favourite beauty treatment is… massage…

(In this one you have to pick what you enjoy with the item given,

1/ a glass of wine- conversation with a good freind..

2/ a winter’s day- hot chocolate and ugg boots..(not outside the house though)

3/ Coffee and Mum, the perfect partner in crime.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Another LO

I am on a roll and have completed another double LO. My afternoon didn't go quite to plan with Jade ringing me at 11am in tears because she was feeling home sick. So after driving to Port Kennedy and back to pick her up, I managed to get this LO scrapped while she played with her friend across the road. Not sure if she was home sick for me or her friends (hehe) but it doesn't matter, she just wanted to be home.

The photos in this Lo were taken when I was pregnant with Jade and ready to burst. The photos are dreadful, look at the shadows, and don't even get me started on the pregnancy pigmentation on my face. But for sentimental reasons they need to be scrapped.

I have used bassill cardstock, 3 bugs in a rug papers and monograms, Lil Davis chipboard dotted alpha's, Heidi Swapp florals. I got these papers with the gift voucher that the scrappi Dais girls got me for my birthday.

My mojo is back

Yesterday Jade has gone for a sleepover at my in-laws place so I am alone until tonight. That meant if I was ever going to get lots of uninterupted scrapping done, this was my chance.

So last night I completed a double LO for Danni's Sketch challenge on She-Essence and I am quite happy with the results. It looks better in real life as the bold colours red and black make it look a bit stark on the scan.

I have had these papers for over 6 months along with the Designs Galore motorbike patterned paper but just haven't really been motivated to finish them.

I have used Bassill cardstock, Junkitz Boys Multistripe PP, Junkitz Boys stars PP, Designs Galore Motorbike PP, Lil Davis chipboards letters along with a mischellaneous alpha for the title (painted black). The retro chipboard flowers were from a scrapping rak, also painted black.

I am going to spend the rest of today scrapping.